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(then just take a clear picture of the completed form on your smart phone) and text it to 859-319-5000

Current Address

Marriage Status

If length of address is less than 6 months, list prior address and landlord.

Any previous foreclosures, evictions or bankruptcy?

Foreclosure or bankruptcy does not mean disqualification through this program.

Have you ever been convicted of a crime (misdemeanor or felony)?

Do you own a pet?

Salary Period
If length of employment is less than 6 months, list previous employer:
Previous Salary Period

By submitting this application, I authorize Star Home Management, Inc. or their agents or various entities to verify the information I am providing and to access my credit for the sole purpose of qualifying me for their purchase and/or rental program. This application is confidential and will not be used for any other purpose. Falsification/misrepresentation of any information provided by applicant(s) on this application will be cause for immediate denial of this application.

Pet deposit and monthly fee may apply. Maximum number of pets is two with a maximum weight limit of 25 pounds each. Breed restrictions apply.

By electronically signing this application, you consent to permit Star Home Management and its related companies to perform a criminal background check utilizing your name, social security number and/or date of birth. By electronically signing this application, your further acknowledge and accept our policy to deny applications based on the findings from such background check.

Application fee is $20 per adult living in the home.
We do a background check – (no felonies) if you think we will find anything, please call first and explain. It may save you time and money.

If we won’t find anything – Welcome to your new home!!! You’ll love living here in our Community!

If more than 1 applicant, each Adult living in the Community will have to complete and submit this form. You may pay with Paypal online at the end.