Make $300 a month!

1 – We Take trade-Ins and help you Finance a new home

2 – We pay a good, stout referral fee for any home we buy that comes from a direct referral from you.  $300.  What could you do with an extra $300 /mo?  It’s simple, find a mobile home that is for sale, take a couple pictures, get the phone number, then call us.  We then will call them up and negotiate the purchase.  When we buy that home, you get a check for $300.  Its that simple.  We take care of our Family.  😉

3 Responses to Make $300 a month!

  1. JshyrsNo Gravatar says:

    do you need a lona? or good credit too do the renting to own?

  2. JshyrsNo Gravatar says:


  3. BradsNo Gravatar says:

    we finance to good, solid people.  Best thing to do is get approved.  Go to – then on the left side is a GREEN flashing button that says GET APPROVED NOW.

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