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Do I Qualify?


How do I qualify for a Home in the Community?

Before you apply, READ THIS: If you are currently renting… your rent must be current, if not, get it current before you apply with us.

What do I need to qualify?

We have three major factors in qualifying you for our communities – Criminal background check, previous landlord references and Income verification are the biggies.  No felons – sorry, it is a company policy for decades.

— Your Income:

Your total monthly income must be at least

3 times the rent or house payment.

Example: The house payment is $400, (400 x 3= 1200)

Your total monthly income must be at least $1200.ArrowheadFall201116

Your income must be provable via pay stubs or other documentation.

— Your Employment:

You must show a minimum of 6 months employment.

— SSI and Disability:

You must show proof of income via official documentation.

— Section 8:

We currently do not accept Section 8

— Can I just pay the deposit and you hold the home for me?shusa

No, all residents must pay the full deposit and pro-rated first month’s rent when they sign the lease.

You can move in anytime after the lease is signed but we cannot hold a home for you. The utilities must be put into your name within 24 hours of signing the lease.